The Zimbabwe Colour Run

The Zimbabwe Colour Run is an event that will make you smile to the bottom of your soul (pun totally intended)! It is not about the time of your run but is more about having a blast and giving something back. Sam Levy’s Village is proud to be an Official Sponsor of The Zimbabwe Colour Run and we will be out enforce come the 7th of December!
This year the charities that are going to benefit from donations from The Zimbabwe Colour Run are the Harare SPCA and The Emerald Hill Deaf Society. The Zimbabwe Colour Run have already drilled a borehole for the Harare SPCA and donated soccer balls to the children of the deaf society. The run is an untimed five kilometer race with no one winner but thousands of winners. It doesn’t matter if you are in a baby stroller or on a zimmer frame everyone is encouraged to join us for the event of a lifetime!